Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beautiful Weather & Under the Weather

Every year at this time, Cliff gets a cold and congestion in his chest. We always have to watch him & make sure he's coughing because once it turned into pneumonia and he was close to having to be hospitalized. He's getting better but being the generous man that he is, I now have a cold. I'm sitting here all shivery and congested with a nice dull headache. I think in a bit I'm going to go have some hot tea. I am NOT a hot beverage drinker. I wish so much I liked coffee because it always smells so good. I don't drink hot tea or cocoa either but today, something warm may get rid of the chills!
In other health news, my dad is doing much better. It's so good to see him up and around and more like his old self again.
We had a blast of cold weather this past week. Two nights it was down in the 30's and one night it went down to 25!! I had to reluctantly turn on the heat to get rid of the chill in the house. I'm not looking forward to the heat bills!!!

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