Friday, November 21, 2008

The Beginnings

It was May, 1983. I had a Junior-Senior banquet coming up (private school's prom alternative). Some friends of mine, Michael, Suzanne & Margaret were encouraging me to ask this new guy at church to go. His name was Cliff. I wasn't very interested. Unknown to me, they arranged for Cliff to ask me to go to Friendlie's for some ice cream, along with Michael & Suzanne. I agreed and I had a GREAT time! I was so comfortable with Cliff!!
About a week or two later, I asked him to go to that Junior-Senior banquet. At the same time I met Cliff, my sister asked his friend, Hank, to go to the same banquet with her. We also had another couple going with us as well. The night of the banquet, we girls got ready at our house while the guys met up at Michael & Suzanne's (they lived just down the street). My grandparents and Aunt Roxie were also visiting from Kansas so there was so much excitement in our house that night. As Elizabeth & I were waiting for the guys to come pick us up, we looked down the street and what do you think we saw?? Cliff & Hank, in all of their excitement, were doing drill marching in their Navy uniforms in the street!! Everyone in our house screamed & laughed!! There was only one bad thing about that night. I HATED my dress!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Tune in next week for another installment!!)


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"It was May, 2003"???

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