Monday, April 5, 2010

Bullet Points

I'm stealing a format my sister uses when there seems to be just "bits" of things all going on at the same time.

  • Last week, one of the bosses at Cliff's new workplace asked him if he could do them a big favor. It seems the terminal in Iowa is short on driveres and they asked if Cliff would be willing to go for the week and drive for them. He was more than happy to do it. For him, its all a new adventure. He left yesterday. They had a hotel room already reserved for him. He's a different man these days. He's feeling so good about himself. He's got his diabetes under control, he's lost some weight, he's in a job that values their emplyess and its all put a little swagger into his step. I'm so happy for him!
  • Needless to say, yesterday was a very "unique" Easter Sunday for us. Church was pretty much Easter-like and we had a wonderful service. But, Easter lunch at KFC was different and yet comforting somehow. Some friends of ours ended up there with us for the "Easter Chicken" and it was good to have lunch together before everyone went their separate ways. As for Easter ham, mom had us for dinner last week and she fixed the ham and the dinner was delicious.
  • Jacob has taken to singing competitions that come around in the area high schools each spring. He went to his first one last weekend and scored the highest score. I'm a bit surprised. I knew he could sing but he's never been one to enjoy singing in front of people. He was thrilled and is working towards the next level of competition.
  • Joshua was accepted into the 2o1o Naftzger music competition for young artsist. It's a pretigious competition of piano, voice, or instrumental hosted by the Wichita Symphony. He was shocked when he found out he got in. The finals are held the last weekend of April.
  • Amy is going to make a job change this year. The position she held at the school was not in any way what she thought it would be and the pay scale leaves alot to be desired. She's trying to find her way these days and it can be a difficult process at times. I'm confident she'll get there.
  • Emily & I have a lot of time together these days. It reminds me of when she was a toddler and everyone else was in school. She's always been my little buddy and I've always enjoyed having her around. She's a good helper too!

I think that does it!!

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