Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Nice Surprise

My oldest son, Joshua, has been on spring break this week. His original paln was to come for a short visit yesterday and stay for about two days. He surprised us by walking through the door on Sunday afternoon and he stayed until yesterday.
Josh did his Christmas shopping this past year while he was in Europe and the gift he sent my dad was from the Netherlands. A wonderful Dutch cookie-like treat called, stroopwafels. They are delicious, and buttery and chewy because they have this sort of honey, syrup baked in the middle.
A friend told me of a little European shop in Lawrence, KS, called, Au Marche. What a wonderful little shop. So full of European treats and foods! Josh said it was about as close to feeling like Europe without actually being there. His grandmother filled him an amazing Euopean Easter basket. The weather was perfect that day and it was so great to spend some time with my son. And the stroopwafels are delicious!!!

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Anonymous said...

yes they are, and so was the day with Josh, Rebecca and Jacob!!!!!
Love, Mom