Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Week in Bullets

  • Cliff has worked some long hours this week. He LOVES the job and the night driving. by Friday, though, he's showing a few signs of wear and tear. The week does catch up and getting lots of sleep over the weekend will do well for the bags I'm beginning to see under his eyes.
  • Joshua competed in his Wichita competition this week. He said he had a great experience but sees where he still has room to grow to compete on the level the finilists. I would say it was a definate growth experience for him.
  • Amy was offered a full-time job in data-entry at the company Cliff works for. I'm thrilled for her. God definately opened a door for her here and its something she can make into a career if she so desires.
  • Jacob had a good week, also, placing 3rd in two track meets....finally. He's worked for the past 3 years and is seeing the work payoff. He also entered an application for an opportunity to go for a week to Kansas State University for a week of vocal training. We were pleasantly surprised to find out he was accepted.
  • Emily found out today she has straight A's. She continues to enjoy drawing and reading.

I know it may sound like everything is great around here and frankly its not perfect but we did have a really good week and we are celebrating all that God has done for us.

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Anonymous said...

I am celebrating with you all too!
Love, Mom