Monday, April 19, 2010

Ordinary Days

I live a very ordinary life....and I like it. Most days find us busy with school activities, work, keeping house, and church activities. I LOVE coming home. I LOVE spending my evenings at home with my kids at the end of the day, having dinner, working on homework, and settling in for the evening. I know it may sound rather boring but that's how I like it.
It's through these ordinary days that time passes, and it passes far too quickly. The days seem to run into weeks, which run into months, and into years.
I guess I should explain that I usually always have to deal with a bit of meloncholy and nostagia this time of year. I'm not sure why but it always hits me towards the end of each school year. Probably the stark reminder of the passing of time. I can't stop it but by living ordinary and spending time with my family in the evenings seems to slow it down...just a little.
The end of this school year marks the end of my junior-high school years. Only 4 years left of high school and my kids will be through with school. Oh these days just fly by!
Yet its in these ordinary days that we live, we laugh, and we love. And we remember that the best things in our lives are not really things at all.


Paul Sr. said...

Well Becca, you could be like Beth & be in the school scenario until you're in your 60's!

Rebecca said...

I'm hoping to be in the grandparent stage well before then!! LOL!!