Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Remembering My Toys

When I did a post about my old lunchboxes (you can read it here), it got me to thinking about other things from my childhood. Namely my old toys.

I have a few things tucked up in the back of my closet. I wish I could get them down to photograph them but it really is a big deal to get up in there. So, I did the next best thing and from the internet, I will resurrect some fond memories.

I have 2 baby doll type dolls in my box. One is a little plastic nurse doll that I got when I had my tonsils out. I was 5 and in those days, you stayed in the hospital for several days. Some people from our church gave this doll to me. The other doll's name is "Peggy Penpal" She was such a cool doll. She came with this little yellow desk and some pens. You'd attach her to the desk and place a pen in her specially shaped hand. Whatever you wrote on the one side of the desk, she'd write the same thing on her side. I still have her. She's naked and is missing part of a leg but she's such a fond memory that I've not been able to part with her.

OK, let's see how many of you had some of these or remember them.

SPIROGRAPH: I used to spend hours with this thing. Remember the little pins that were supposed to hold the big rings down? They never seemed to work. Neither did the colored pens. I didn't care and made design after fascinating design!

LITTLE GOLDEN BOOKS: I still LOVE these. I have collected a few older ones and have some from my own kids.

PETER PAN RECORDS: Remember these 45's? Love the little stories and songs on them (back in the days when you had to use your imaginations to fill in the blanks). This particular one, "The Three Little Pigs" used to scare me and we were forbidden to listen to it before we went to bed! I remember when I was about 4, my mom would always get us a new one when she went grocery shopping.

SLINKY: Another fascinating toy! I always like the sound the good old metal ones made. We seemed to enjoy them for about 1 day and then they'd seem to get hopelessly tangled up!! Also, we were never able to get them to go down the stairs as well as the kids in the commercials!!

DUNCAN YO-YO: The Butterfly model was my yo-yo of choice. I can still remember how these things smelled when you took them out of the package. Once again, they were so much fun and provided hours of entertainment!

So what about you? You have any fond memories of your toys?? Still have any??


*carrie* said...

Fun post, Rebecca. We had a spirograph, too. My mom saved some of our toys for her grandkids, and I'm so glad. It's fun to see our old Fisher Price phone, the metallic, colorful spinning top, etc.

Betsy said...

What a trip down memory lane! I had a younger sister, so most of my things were passed down to her. I do remember how wonderfully neat those Slinkys were! Silly putty was another favorite. I remember spending hours playing jacks, too.
I do have a little china teaset tucked away somewhere....and some Lincoln Logs. :)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs because you remind me of so many things I have forgotten. You are a great daughter!!!!!
Love, Mom

The Horns said...

Spirograph was one of my favorite toys. We also loved to play with the slinky. Get them going down the steps. It doesn't seem like the slinkies now days are as good as the ones that we had.

Mrs. U said...

Honestly? I SHRIEKED when I saw the spirograph!! I had completely forgotten about this!!! I LOVED playing with mine!! Thank you for the fun reminder!

Mrs. U

Cookie said...

Oh, Rebecca, My memory of the slinky is of my father driving all over Mobile, Alabama from store to store to store looking for a slinky so that my sister and I could have one. He was on a quest. He was so determined. He couldn't find one. He got soooo upset. We didn't care. But he did. And he didn't give up until he finally found one. By the time he found it he was determined that we were going to ENJOY our slinky's. You can imagine how we felt by that time. His heart was in the right place, but we were all exhausted. Yep, I have a real soft place in my heart for the slinky.