Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Quick Show & Tell

During the days of planning my wedding, one of the most excited people was my Grandma Adrian.

One day a small package came in the mail addressed to me. It was from my Grandma. She wanted to send me a little "just for you" gift. It wasn't for the wedding or for my married life. It was just a small token from her to let me know how happy she was for me and how much she loved me. It was this make-up bag. I have used this bag every day ever since the day I received it. Although a little tattered around the edges, it's held up quite well, considering I have now been married 23 years!

Cliff and I were married in November of that year and my Grandma was able to attend the wedding. (She had been battling cancer) She was so excited to come. I remember how important it was to her to chose just the right dress.

By March, I found out I was expecting our first child. She was excited about the baby (I have a letter from her during this time also). The last time I saw her was in early May. I was able to spend a Sunday morning at home with her (she was too sick to go to church) while everyone else went to church. What a wonderful time it was singing hymns and sharing the Scriptures. She passed away two weeks later.

Thanks so much for reading the story of my little makeup bag today. For more stories, you can visit Kelli over at No Place Like Home.


Becki said...

How sweet that you are still fondly using something your grandma gave you 23 years ago. Actually, it's not just sweet, but it's pretty incredible.

Hootin' Anni said...

This was a chilling and loving post, all at the same time. I can see why this bag is so special.

My Show n Tell is bone china cardinals this week. And especially a favorite...a cardinal music box.

The show n tell is following a set of photos of a tornado that ripped through where my nephew lives!!! I had to post those first since it's family!! So, scroll down.

Happy weekend, and for the Americans, have a safe holiday!

Hadias said...

Please, stop by and check out my S&T today.

Thanks for sharing.

Penless Thoughts said...

Such a sweet story and what precious memories you have!!! Thanks for sharing them with us on Show & Tell.

Timalee said...

Your Show & Tell story is just beautiful, I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing something so special to you.

Mary said...

What a beautiful reminder of your very special grandmother. I can tell she was a very influencing person in your life.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That was a touching story. I'm glad I stopped by today.

Constance said...

Aren't Grandmothers a wonderful gift from the Lord? Yours sounds wonderful like mine was. My grandmother was a HUGE influence on me and I remember that now that I have 4 grand-daughters of my own! It sounds like you have priceless memories of time spent with her.