Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A True Hero

When you were in grade school, did you ever have to write an essay on "My Hero?" In my opinion, we'll come across several people in our lifetimes who are "Heroes" in our eyes. At this particular time in my life, I have several but this one has been on my mind all day.
I have written previously about a man in our church, Bill, who was diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct last summer. In just one short year's time, Bill's family's lives have changed dramatically. The last time I saw Bill was on Easter Sunday when he came to church for the last time. He was so happy to be there. He needed a little assistance to help keep him steady but he still was able to walk and talk and be part of the community for those 2 hours. I saw him again yesterday and the affects of the cancer have waged a brutal war in his body.
When you walk into their home, it is taken over by medical equipment and supplies. The living room now houses a hospital bed. I left Bill's home thinking, "In comparison, I have no problems. How petty I have been."
My hero, is Bill's wife, Hope. Who has shared this journey with Bill, lovingly and graciously long before he was ever diagnosed. It is a testament to the kind of marriage they have shared. The last couple times they were at church, they sat together, holding hands. I have been moved and inspired by Hope's courage, stamina, and faith. I'm sure she has her moments but overall, she has been so brave. She lives her life these days constantly caring and looking after Bill. She's had to learn how to operate all the medical equipment that he came home with. She told another woman at church that one of the things that keeps her going is the prayers of the people who continually pray on their behalf.
Tomorrow night, America will crown a new American Idol. I'll probably tune into the finale. It's fun. And either David will be a hero in the eyes of many, many people. He will be applauded, lauded, and put on a pedestal. He will be richly rewarded and every news and talk show will want to hear his story. It is my opinion, though, that people like Hope are the true heroes. Hope will not become rich or famous. She will not receive applause or put on any kind of pedestal. But she will, in fact be rewarded. She has the peace that passes all understanding. She knows where Bill will be when he passes from this life to the next. She knows she will see him again one day. She also has the assurance that there is a community of Believers who love both she and Bill and who will continue to uphold them in prayer and support.
Bill entered into the Savior's arms at 9:45 this morning (Wednesday).
Please remember his wife, Hope, and his 3 sons and grandaugther in your prayers today!!

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Anonymous said...

Now think of how it feels to put all the medicines away to walk around the house and find pieces of things tossed like clothing and wash cloths while caring for a sick loved one and now it's over in a breath they are gone and the emptiness and quite that will consume the home after the funeral
Hope and her children will go through the grieving and the test of their faith.
Love Emmy