Monday, May 5, 2008

Grandpa Adrian

This time of year, I have alot of thoughts and memories of my Grandpa Adrian. He passed away 4 years ago yesterday. I was so excited when we decided to move to KS because it would allow me to have a relationship with my grandfather I'd not been able to have before. It was so nice to see him every Sunday in church. In fact, the other Sunday, we sang a song that was one of his favorites. I could hear him in my mind, singing at the top of his voice, "Christ is all I need."

My grandpa was a farmer for years before entering into the pastorate. He loved farming. When he bought his home in the small town that we live in, he made three-quarters of the back yard a huge garden. He maintained the grass cutting at the church...over 4 acres. Some days I'd drive by and see him up on his John Deere tractor with his straw hat mowing away. He LOVED being a Pastor but he also LOVED farming.

Grandpa also LOVED kids. In the past few years of his life, the family would gather at his house on July 4th. His last July 4th, the entire family was able to come. He was so excited. He couldn't wait for all our kids to come. He borrowed a trailer from a neighbor and hooked it up to his riding mower and took the kids for rides. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more...Grandpa or the kids.

He went into the hospital several days before his death. He had been having some trouble breathing. They put him into a drug-induced coma to allow his lungs time to heal. When they went to wake him up, he didn't respond like he should have. They think he had a stroke. The decision was made to let nature take its course. I was not going to go to the hospital to say goodbye. I did not want to see him like that. He had always been so strong even in his 80's. On Sunday night, I almost panicked with the realization that if I didn't go up there, I'd never see him alive again. I went up to see him on Monday evening and God made it so that no one else was there. Saying goodbye to him was the most intense, grief-filled thing I have ever done. I held his hand and it was still so strong. The next day, early in the morning, Grandpa passed from this life into the next. It just so happened I had a camera with me that morning as I dropped the kids off at school. I went over to his house, sat in his garden and remembered both he and my grandmother and said my goodbye to my days of going to my grandparent's. I took a picture of his last garden. His rows as straight as ever.

Psalm 116:15 - "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."


cherished*vintage said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Grandfather. I had tears in my eyes reading this. I was afraid to see my Grandpa right before he passed, thankfully God took care of my feelings, I was able to say goodbye and tell him I'd see him again in Heaven. The memories of your Grandpa you shared are wonderful.

The Apron Queen said...

What wonderful memories of your Grandpa! Come see the new addition to our family:

Beth said...

I can't believe it's been four years since he died. I can still hear his voice with that thick German accent saying my name. I wish I could have said goodbye to him, but am so glad we saw him a few months before he died. It's hard losing Grandparents, isn't it?

Paul Sr. said...

I miss him so much! He was such a huge encourager. Anytime someone believe on Christ, I'd call him & he would just rejoice with me. That man loved to see people believe on Christ. I too can hear him say Elizabeth's name with that strong German accent. One day we'll have a sweet reunion. I have some of his hand written sermon outlines in my study. They are very precious to me.

Anonymous said...

That was so beautiful, very moving, I loved the pictures too.
Love, Mom

nannykim said...

Such a blessing to have such a grandpa