Friday, July 20, 2012

Remembering My Grandparents

**Reposting from 2009 in Honor of My Grandparents:

The following is one of my favorite scrapbook pages:

Journaling: (written August 5, 2005)
"July 31, 2004 - A surprise had been planned for my grandparent's at my cousin, Sarah's wedding reception. Almost all of our huge extended family had come not only to celebrate Sarah & Dion's wedding but also to celebrate the 65th wedding anniversary of my grandparents, Donald and Anna Mae Benzing. Little did they know that a cake and time of recognition had been set aside to honor them. They were called up to the dance floor to be seated, surrounded by their 8 living children. As they made their way to the front, "The Anniversary Waltz" began to play. This was their anniversary song. I remember spending two prior anniversaries with them and watching them dance to it. I remember my grandpa, always so strong and my grandma, while strong herself, looking so beautiful and trim and the way they gracefully moved together, celebrating yet another year of their marriage. This anniversary, however, time had taken it's toll. Grandma had suffered several strokes and many illnesses and grandpa also had his share of health problems. Their steps were unsure and slow as they leaned heavily on canes or the arms of loved ones and made their way to the front. As they came together, they dropped their canes and grabbed on to each other and danced as they had danced so many anniversaries before. They held on to each other so tight as the love they shared. Everyone present was moved to tears as we all felt what that embrace simply said. "I Love You." Even as I write these thoughts a year later, I am still moved by the sight of my grandparents...holding on to each other...dancing with each other...loving each other.


Pear tree cottage! said...

The embrace that simply said "I Love you" - gosh that is such a beautiful story and I am so moved to be reading it.....It feels too private but I am truly honoured to now know about two lovely people.


Constance said...

Oh wow, it's way too early in the mornig for me to be craying! That was touching!

Matt B said...

Hi Rebecca! This was very nice. Quite a blog you've got here.

Matt Benzing said...

This is uncle matthew, BTW.

Paul Sr. said...

I'll never forget that dance. It was a privilege to behold. Grandpa & Grandma sure left a legacy of love that is a standard & a foundation for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Elizabeth
Send this to Rebecca I can't post on hers because of anonymous exclusion or something thanks kid new baby getting close congrads on you camera
Love Aunt Emmy

Dear Rebecca,

Not a dry eye in the room that night. Adam and Jennifer were married on July 22 there real wedding date. They danced with the bride and groom and each another great memory on tape. But the song and the dance really were hard to take as the song was a surprize to all of us thanks mr dj and God for tender mercies

Love Aunt Emmy

Anonymous said...

How beautiful Rebecca. You have such a wonderful gift.
Aunt Donna

Gretchen said...


What a great memory! Precious pictures and journalling. Bless you for putting it up.

Love, Gretchen

Anonymous said...

It is still as beautiful and moving as it was the first time I read it. Tears.....Love, Mom