Thursday, July 12, 2012

NASCAR Day - Part 2

There is no way I could ever fit the essence of the Hall of Fame here. Nor could I post the several hundred pictures I took. If you are even slightly interested in NASCAR, the Hall of Fame is something you would definately enjoy.  It's not very pricey and we spent 3 1/2 hrs there and still didn't see and do everything.

The Grand Hall.  In the background you can see "Glory Road."  It shows the evolution of the race car and also features cars that have won significant races.  They are displayed from 0 - 36 degree banking. 

Dale Earhardt Sr. & Jeff Gordon's cars on Glory Road

Me, trying to stand on the 33 degree banking.  It doesn't look that steep on TV!

Cliff & Hank getting in the 48 simulator car.  Cliff almost won the race (he got hit on the last 1/2 lap)

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Elizabeth said...

You look SO SKINNY in that pic on the banking.