Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 26

Day 26: A Picture of Something That Means Alot

To You:

Ok, this one was tough because really, how can you pick just one? I'm just going to pick a special moment from a few months ago that I've already blogged about but it was one of the things that meant alot to me.

When your kids are small, you pour and pour into them...and when their babies and toddlers, you get back giggles, wet kisses, soft little sighes and the coveted utterance of mama and dada. Then you reach the stage where they pick you dandelions and write sweet little papers at school about why their mom or dad is the best mom or dad in the world. And then they reach their upper teen years and beyond and those sweet little moments are almost non-existent on a daily fact, some days you feel like "public enemy #1" while you are just trying to help guide them into adulthood.

My kids have not ever been mean but we have had our moments...I had them with my parents too. And you enter this stage where you just wonder how your relationship is going to turn out. Will they still include me? Do they still need me? Do I matter to them? You know you do but there are days when you just don't feel like it...but you stay there in the background of their lives, cheering them up, supporting them in ways they cant see, know, or even understand....taking them before the throne of God in your prayers.

And all of the sudden, out of no-where, they give back.

That's what my son, Josh did for me at his recital when he sang this song for me. So today, instead of a picture, you get a video. I don't know why they take so long to upload...if you haven't seen it, wait for it because its worth it.

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