Friday, February 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 25

Day 25: A Picture of Your Day:

I confess, I am not writing this post on the is the 23rd so I am giving you a picture of my day today. The above picture captures what I feel like today. I've got alot going on all at the same time today and to be honest, I feel a little overwhelmed. It doesn't help anything that I've been a bit under the weather with some sinus/allergy junk and today I've got a headache that won't quit. I took Excederine for the headache...didn't help the headache, just gave me the jitters!
Anyhow, I'm working on my blog, doing some research for work, got laundry going and in about an hour I've got to go pick up my girl from school & take her home. 20 minutes later, I go back & get my boy from school and take him to a job interview. In the meantime I've got to find time yet to do some dishes and make dinner and get to church on time.
HOWEVER, I'm NOT complaining....having two kids grown and gone already, I treasure this short but alone time with each kid. They fill me in on their day. My son is so excited about this job interview and I want him to know he can ALWAYS count on me....especially if it involves something thats so important to him! These days are fast & fleeting where my kids are concerned. Boy will graduate in 2 1/2 short months. I'm not quite ready....what parent ever is?
And dinner? Let's just say cooking dinner is alot different these days that it was when I had 4 kids at home. Its just a whole lot less hectic. AND it makes my husband's day when he walks into the house after work and smells dinner. He looks forward to that all day. I know, its such a small thing and it makes such a big difference to him. He's been working long, long hours these days. Its seems to be the least that I can do and I actually do enjoy it (most nights).

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