Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 19

Day 19: A Picture and A Letter:

This is a grouping of special cards & letter I have kept close for years.
They are so valuable to me.
  • A couple of them are from my Grandma Adrian....a letter she wrote me when she found out I was pregnant with her first great-grandchild and the last birthday card I received from her, two weeks before she passed away.
  • A Christmas card from my Grandma Benzing.
  • A Card & letter from Lillian Huffines - an older lady who was in our church in Baltimore. When Amy was born, my mom would take her into the sanctuary so the older ladies could see her. Ms. Lillian fell in love with her and when we moved to FL just a few short months later, Ms. Lillian always sent a card with a few dollars for Christmas & Amy's birthday...for 20 years! Cards came until one year, Amy's birthday passed with no card and we got word that Ms. Lillian has passed on.
  • A letter I received from my Aunt Kathy on the morning of my wedding. What made this so special is that her husband, my Uncle Gene had passed away just a few months prior. She wrote me some encouraging words and some things she learned from her marriage. I saved it all these years because I felt she had such a good perspective on cherishing your spouse.
  • A Christmas card from a dear friend, Margaret O'dell. Margaret was the lady who introduced Cliff & I. Cliff knew her when he was a little boy in Georgia. Margaret had moved to NY and was in our church and when Cliff was stationed in NY during his years in the Navy, he looked up Margaret and she introduced us and the rest is history. We didn't know it at the time but this would be the last card & letter we received from her. We did not know how sick she was with cancer.

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