Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bits and Pieces

My husband, Cliff, drives a semi. He's driven these trucks for years. It would drive me crazy to have to drive all day long but he loves it. He's been at his current job for about 4 years now and he was thrilled when he got this job. He works for a warehouse that sorts and delivers parts (eg: steering wheels, brakes, etc.) to the Ford plant here in downtown KC. I don't have to fill any of you in on how things are going with the auto industry these days. It's been a bit of a tentative time but we have decided to continue to place our trust in the Lord as we always have tried to do. We are thankful Cliff still has a job. He does, however, have lay-offs. Right now, he's finishing week one of a 3-week lay-off. Then he'll work 2 weeks and be off 2 weeks. He does get unemployment when he's laid off and that is something to be very thankful for. God has provided all that we need and more and there's no doubt in my mind and heart that He will continue to do all that He has promised. We have no idea how things will go or what the future holds but what we do know, is WHO holds the future!!

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