Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Bits and Pieces

I meant for my last post to just be sort of random things that are going on around here. When I got to writing about Cliff's job, however, my mind took a turn and it filled the entire post. Now I really do just have some random "stuff."
My battle with the never-ending sinus problem continues. I thought, perhaps, last Sunday my hearing was noticeably improved until I woke up on Monday to find it as bad as ever. If I am one-on-one with someone and they look at me and I can usually hear them...but other than that it's pretty bad. My ct scan and bloodwork showed nothing so my dr. seems to think it could all be allergy related. I'm doubtful. At this point, I'm just not sure what to do. The dr. wants me to follow up with her when I finish the current antibiotic. I've been on 4 since January and nothing has worked. A friend told me yesterday about a sinus was her dr. prescribed for her. You make it yourself. I'm not sure yet if I can actually put liquid up my nose into my sinuses but if it works.... well, we'll just have to see.
Cliff has one more week off of his lay-off. I hear a news report on Ford motor company and it was actual good news for a change.
Joshua is coming home for Easter...a first as he hasn't been home for Easter since leaving for school 3 years ago. He sent ahead his Easter candy wish list!!
My husband is now the proud owner of a 1994 Ford Ranger pick-up. He's thrilled!! He has wanted a truck as long as I can remember. When you have 4 young children, a truck that seats 2 is not the most practical thing. A few weeks ago, this truck all but fell into his lap. I'm happy for him. Jacob, who is at the age where he can get is license is eyeing it and my mom is eyeing it too for other reasons!!!! LOL!!

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nannykim said...

I can't believe you are still struggling with the sinus stuff!!Is this and Ear/nose/throat docto you are going to? ENT/