Monday, March 30, 2009

Doctor Visit and Snow

I had my third doctor visit in three months on Friday. I was able to get back in with MY doctor. According to her, my problem is not my ears but rather my sinuses. They are impacted with infection. I have been on 3 antibiotics since January, with the last 2 being rather strong and still no drainage. I'm now on another 21-day round of stronger antibiotics, another round of prednisone, and some nasal spray. I thought yesterday ( Sunday) that my hearing had already improved but when I woke up this morning, it seems as bad as its been through this whole ordeal. My dr. has sceduled a CT scan for me on Wednesday to see why things are not draining as they should. I've had a CT scan before but I'm getting a little nervous.
The other big news around here was the sleet/ice/snow storm we had on Saturday. For a while on Saturday afternoon, we were pummeled with snow so heavy the visibility was very low. But by early evening, it all stopped. Today, it is about all melted.
I wish all of you a great week ahead!!

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