Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blog Abandonment!!!!

I did not mean to abandon my blog...it just sort of "happened!"
Several months ago, we had to take a close, hard look at our budget and make some cuts due to Cliff's ever-changing hours and lay-offs. One of the things we had to cut was internet connection at home. I'm not happy about it but figured we could come to the library which is just a couple miles from our house and get it for free. Unfortunatly when you run into a couple weeks where you are busy and not feeling so great, going to the library seems like a big deal so that's why my blog was abandoned for a little while.

Why were we so busy? Easter weekend. Josh came home, so there's always a time of preparation for that. Then along with celebrating Easter, we also celebrated Amy's 21st birthday. Cliff and I took off Sunday evening and drove Josh back down to school. All of this while I'm still dealing with this sinus junk that robs me of far too much energy.

I will do a post about Amy in honor of her birthday on another day. My computer decided to act up today so I'm on one of the library's and I can't access my personal pictures.

In the meantime, you can head over to Amy's blog for some pictures of our weekend. She's pretty much taken over the photography and she's pretty good at it.

Amy's Blog.

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