Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Sometimes people come into our lives and they make us better people for having crossed paths with them. Other times, however, we are placed into someone else's life and hopefully the results are the same. Such is the case with parents and children. My parents didn't come into my life but I certainly came into theirs!!
This past Tuesday, my mom celebrated her **th birthday! All I could do was wish her a Happy Birthday over the phone since she was out of town and give her a promise that we will celebrate in another week. I'm so thankful to live near my mom at this point in my life. She is probably the best friend I have right now, other than Cliff. She's always got a listening ear for me and is usually ready to give some good, godly advice when needed. She is a wonderful grandma and role model to my children. Going to grandma's is right up there with going to Disney World...even at their ages, they love spending time with grandma.
My mom was out of town over her birthday. She spent it with her dad who is in the hospital. Knowing his days on this earth are quickly drawing to an end, I was so glad for her that she got to spend one more birthday with him. How bittersweet.
Happy Birthday, Mom!!

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