Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friday (3-6-09)

Our oldest son, Josh, had the lead in his college musical, "The Light In The Piazza." We decided to attend Friday night's performance (although I would have like to have gone to all three!)

We left early so we could stop in and see my cousin, Corrie, who lives about 30 minutes away from Josh. Corrie and her husband, Matt, just became first-time parents of a beautiful baby girl. I could have sat and held their baby for hours. She's so cute and so sweet!!

We were able to grab a quick dinner with Josh before he had to be back at the school to get ready for the show. Due to my continuing ear situation, I had to use a sound amplifier which the school provided to hear. I was so glad I did!! Everything Bethel puts on is well done. They are well rehearsed and polished. The cast seemed to throw themselves into their roles as they all did an excellent job. I was so proud of my son. He did outstanding. I think it is perhaps the best I've ever seen him perform.

The local paper carried an article about the musical. The article as well as some pictures are here.

It was a great day, seeing Corrie and the baby and ending with a great musical!!


nannykim said...

Wow, I hope you start to get better and feel better. Have you finished your meds?

The Horns said...

You should be proud of, he's turned out to an awesome young man. Congrats mom and dad.