Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Manly Man

My Dad is a man of his generation. By that, I mean he is a "manly man." He doesn't do dishes (unless my mom is out of town), he doesn't cook or do laundry or any other household chore for that matter. But that's just fine with my mom. She's a woman of her generation also. She's the keeper of the home. Their household roles have always been very clearly defined. It was great growing up that way. My mom was the nurturer and so much fun. She's always posessed the ability to make the mundane special.
As a "manly man" sickness rarely got my dad down. In his time, you "shook it off" and kept on going. You didn't give into sickness or injury. As a child, therefore, my perception of my dad was one of strength. Steady Eddie...that's my dad.
About a month ago, he came down with some sort of a viral infection that has literally knocked him off his feet. For the first week, he was really sick. Finally, the fever ended but this thing has just seemed to linger on and sap him of strength and stamina. It's been a little hard seeing him physically weak because he's dad....he's strong!!
Our church has been in constant prayer for him. If you think of it, could you say a prayer on his behalf? I know he and our family would appreciate it.


Betsy said...

I'll pray he gets better soon! And he better pray God doesn't call your mom home first or he'll be lost! ;)

The Horns said...

I know what it's like to see your dad so strong be very helpless. It gives us a scary reminder that they are human, no matter how much we idolize them. I will definitely pray for your dad for a quick recovery.

Kathie said...

Will be much in prayer for your dad, and for your mom too. I know what you's are the pillars of our lives. It is hard to see them at times weak like the rest of us humans.
Blessings from Costa Rica

Anonymous said...

I am praying for him Rebecca. God knows what he needs to be well, and will give him strength to bear it.