Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Arrangements

When I received this hutch, one of the things I knew I wanted to do with it was to decorate it seasonally. However, I have been in a serious creative slump!
The other day, my mom and I were browsing through a home decor/gift shop that is gorgeously decorated. Of course, everything in there is pretty pricey but we did come out of there with lots of ideas. So motivated by this rush of inspiration, I sent Emily into the
attic to find the box of "Fall Stuff." I had so much fun arranging and re-arraging my shelves and I'm quite pleased with the results. Now all we need is a good shot of cold air again!!


Kelli said...

You did a wonderful job arranging your fall pretties, Rebecca!

nannykim said...

I love the smiley pumpkin face. ALas my hutch is too full of dishes to decorate!! Actually I have 2 and they are full (because my kitchen is so small in cupboard space).