Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Mom Moment!!

Our oldest son, Joshua, was in a community theatre production of "HONK!" this weekend. We were fortunate enough to be able to attend both Thursday and Friday night's performances. This was a musical I'd never heard of before but am so glad I've now seen it. It is a delightful musical based on the story of the Ugly Duckling. It was fun and extremely family-friendly! Josh played Ugly which was the lead role (OK, this is my mom moment now) It was all I could do not to stand up and let the entire audience know that the good-looking, very talented young man was MY son!! But I refrained!! (although mom almost pushed that envelope on Thursday night!:-)
If you ever get wind that this musical is being performed in your area, you'll want to be sure to go see it...and make sure you take the kids!!

I took so many pictures and was surprised at how well they came out considering I couldn't use a flash.
Ugly (Josh) & The Cat (he was AMAZING!)
Ugly & The Frog
Ugly transformed into a Swan & Penny (a female Swan)

The Finale Number


Anonymous said...

I've heard that this is a great show! I think a local theater will be doing it soon. I'm going to try to take The Bean and see how she likes it.

Thanks for stopping by my giveaway! Come visit anytime!

Betsy said...

This is awesome! Great pics, too!

*carrie* said...

I saw that show a few years ago--lots of fun!

nannykim said...

Wow; you must be proud! Sounds great.