Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Change of Plans

My original plan for this week was to spend alot of time up in Amy's room, helping her sort and pack. We also had a mountain of paperwork that she needed to get completed. We got the paperwork finished Monday morning as planned but since then, everything got changed.
I need to change directions a bit and tell you about one of our "adopted" kids. Now by "adopted", I mean that through the years, we've picked up a kid or two and just considered them part of the family. One of these kids is named, Grant. We first met Grant when he was 14. Grant is one of 11 children and at the age of 13, he and all his siblings were removed from their home because of neglect. They were all put into the foster care system. Grant ended up with a family who decided to adopt him and it turned out that a kid from our church lived in the same town as Grant and began to bring him to church (which is where we met him.) Grant had a crush on Amy they eventually dated for a couple years through high school. Because of Grant's family situation, he spent alot of time with us and thus became part of our family. Amy & Grant eventually broke up and he took the high road and just wanted her to be happy. They have remained friends. Grant was eventually adopted by his family at the age of 17 although things at home weren't the greatest. After going to college here for a year, he decided to go off to a Bible college 3 hours away which was a great move on his part.
So, back to this week. On Sunday night, Amy talked to Grant, who was feeling homesick. He wanted to come "home" but without a car, was finding it impossible to do so. Monday afternoon, Amy & her dad decided to drive the 3 hours and get him and bring him here for the week. Although my plans have significantly changed, I'm happy to have him here for a few days. Grant is a good kid. He's a survivor. You hear so many horror stories of kids who go through the "system" and end up in trouble, or angry and bitter at life and authority. Grant has had to make his own way pretty much his whole life. Cliff & I have tried to let him know that he is accepted in our family unconditionally. He's always got a safe place here. Because of having to survive, I think one of the hardest thing Grant has ever had to do was ask for help. He's not been used to it. He's tried to carry the entire weight of the world on his shoulders at times and a time or two, it almost crushed him. Grant has been through so much more in his 20 years on this earth than I have in my 42. He's turned into such a fine young man who loves the Lord and who wants to help other kids. What an amazing story he has!
So, the sorting and packing can wait just a few more days. I've got more important things to do :-)


Betsy said...

That is an amazing story. And Rebecca, as I read it, I was thinking that you and your family are amazing, too! :)

Betsy said...

Rebecca ~ I was at the race in Michigan! Yes, dismal day for the Hendrick teams! It was still awesome to be there in person and it was beautiful weather. But not a good day for the 24!

granolachic said...

what a blessing this story is...isn't always so hard to ask for help...what's cool is that he actually accepted help!

learning to accept help is the first step to learning to ask for help. God will so honor your sacrifice!! many blessings! (i stumbled on your blog via betsy...another amazing lady!)

Wendi said...

Such a touching story.

Kelli said...

What a wonderful story, Rebecca. I'm sure you are as much of a blessing to Grant as he is to your family!

The Glasers said...

Grant is so blessed to have you in his life, but I have a feeling he blesses you, too. I think God knows that placing people in our lives who appear to have great needs blesses us in ways we could never imagine. I know that is what life is like with my daughter with autism, who appears to need so much, but also offers us so many intangibles we cannot describe it.