Wednesday, August 6, 2008

7 Things About Me

Saw this on another blog today and thought it looked fun.
7 strange things about me:
1 - I was born in the center of Kansas in a little town called, Great Bend. I grew up, however in Long Island, NY.
2 - I am DEATHLY afraid of heights!! Therefore, I will NOT fly, ride roller-coasters, go on a sky-lift, get very nervous in long high bridges, and try to avoid anything that involves any kind of height! I do though enjoy the view from the top of a mountain such as Lookout Mountain in Chatanooga.
3 - I met my husband 1 month before I graduated high school in 1983 and we've been together ever since.
4 - I think if I ever were to go back to college I would become a nurse.
5 - When I was a teen, I wanted to make a record with songs for kids.
6 - When I was younger I thought I only wanted one child...I had 4! I loved being pregnant and waiting for my babies!
7 - My ideal vacation would be in an RV traveling and seeing the United States. (Remember, I don't fly!! :-)

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