Sunday, March 9, 2008

A New Week

After all of the "excitement" of last week, I decided to just take it easy over this weekend. I'm glad to say that today is the first day I have felt back to normal. So, we've already started this new week off with some new "excitement." While I'm getting ready to church this morning, I noticed that things aren't working quite right in the bathroom. The toilet flooded and it seems that our sewer line or something is seriously backed up!!!!! Isn't that a great way to start the Lord's Day? I just had to let it go. What could I do at that point anyway?? Thankfully we have a plumber in our church. And as we heard in the message this morning, in the grand scheme of things, there are far more important issues to worry about. (oh, and in spite of the bathroom flood, it was a wonderful Lord's Day!!)


nannykim said...

Blessings--and I hope the plumbing problem gets fixed!

Carrie said...

I found you and your sisters blog recently and enjoy reading both of them very much. I am originally from Olathe, Ks and love that you live in Kansas. I am glad your plumbing problems are better.