Monday, March 10, 2008


Amy spent the weekend at Bethel, visiting her brother and wishing it were fall so she'd be a student there also. I found this picture she took this weekend. She will be 20 in one month. Where has the time gone?? I told my sister over the weekend that I felt the transition of Amy being gone from our home would be easier than Josh. I was sorely mistaken because it hit me that unless the Lord were to intervene, she will marry after college. Oh in the world can I be that OLD???????????????????????????????????????????? LOL!!!


Beth said...

Not little Amy! Seems impossible that all the little cousins are growing up. Doesn't seem more than a year or two ago when she was sitting on my lap in the car after church on Sundays, driving to go out to eat, singing God told Noah build a boat!

nannykim said...

There are so many joys to come!