Monday, March 3, 2008

30 Days - Day 29: Wrapping It Up

(I have been having a problem with blogger not wanting to save the paragraphs.)
I have been thinking since yesterday how I wanted to wrap up this 30 day photo project. (I almost can't believe an entire month has gone by!!) At first, I thought maybe one of the last pictures could be of myself with my camera. Nope, that's just a little to corny and predictable and it's just not me. Then I came across this picture of my dining room..which happens to be my favorite room of my house. It's big and bright and homey and a perfect place for me to sit down and reflect on these past 30 days.
When I started this project, I knew my life would be touched by a birth. I did not, however, expect to be touched by a death. I got many comments encouraging me to try to reconnect with my friend, Kelli, who I wrote about here. I sent her an email the next day. To this day, I have received no response. It's OK because I learned a long time ago that sometimes people are only meant to be in our lives for a season. We meet many people along this pathway we call life and not everyone is meant to walk the entire road with us. So while Kelli's path has gone in a different direction than mine, others have crossed into mine. I also learned something about myself...but I'm waiting for tomorrow to share it for the final post of this project.

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nannykim said...

yup==blogger is not doing paragraphs!! A while back they stopped spell check --now that that has been fixed they are not doing paragraphs!! makes for a mess. I love your dining area--really great!!!! Hey , please consider a pic of yourself on the last post--you can put whatever you had planned but please add one of yourself!!!