Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Celebrating Easter

For years I have associated Easter with being tired. We dyed eggs when we were kids and when I had children, we dyed eggs because that's what you're supposed to do. Every year I vowed I would not wait until Saturday to do it but one way or another, we'd end up trying to dye eggs at 9:00 on Saturday night. It wasn't much fun for anyone. We'd then get up so early, put on the new Easter outfits, go to church, go home, have the traditional ham at my mom's, catch a quick nap, and go back to church for the evening service. I was always so relieved when it was over because we'd be so exhausted. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking any of this. The point I guess I'm trying to make is that for me, I was so "busy" that I lost sight of the real meaning of Easter.

The past couple of years, I have tried to simply our Easters so that we aren't so busy and so tired! I stopped dying eggs....they never got eaten anyway. I also stopped with Easter baskets...not really for spiritual reasons but because I didn't feel like the kids needed baskets full of candy. I chose instead, to purchase a new board game that we could play together after lunch. It worked so much better!!

Easter has become a tradition of faith and family. That's what we've built our lives around. I could not survive without my faith. It is God's grace that sustains me and it is His victory over death that gives me life and hope. I look forward to our celebration on Sunday beginning with worshiping with our church community. I look forward to enjoying the afternoon with my husband and my kids.

I wish for you and your family a very blessed Easter.


Beth said...

I can so relate, especially to dying eggs at 9 on Sat night before- no enjoyment there! Several years ago we started dying them several days before- much more enjoyable!

I like your idea about the game- but I don't think my kids would want to give up their baskets. We always hide the baskets cause that's what Paul did in his family.

REmember that year we all got up and went to the sunrise service down in Saint Pete? Now that was tiring- because I'm sure we had Sunday evening church as well. We have a sunrise service here, b ut I don't always make it.

nannykim said...

Cool idea about the board game. We used to do that every Christmas. My family is now scattered and my Mother-in-law is in the nursing home--But the church I am in now has a 6 week period looking forward to Easter and it has been awesome for me; so much more meaningful. I haven't done eggs for some time since my kids are grown (we used to do the baskets for Spring and call them spring eggs ;)--because we didn't want the kids to feel deprived--but we didn't really want it associated with Easter either--not sure it was necessary to do the separation or not ;-).

nannykim said...

Oh, but I may do the eggs this weekend, since my youngest son will be home from college and it would be fun; I am doing a basket for him and my Mother/in/law.

Anonymous said...

ok, Rebecca,
I dye the eggs with your kids and this year since we probably won't have a Easter egg hunt because of the weather (much to Emilys disappointment) I will make them a Easter basket. I have always loved Easter and all the stuff that goes with it. It is the beginning of Spring and the Easter Lily on my dining room table gives me such pleasure. Going to services in the Morning sets the day apart and don't worry anyone I won't be doing a "toast". :)

Anonymous said...

And yes, Elizabeth we all remember that Sun rise service in St. Pete. it was so cold, but you know Dad. :)
:Love, Mom

Rebecca said...

I love the services. I guess I just prefer to celebrate in a more non-traditional way.