Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quick Family Update

I haven't posted about the family in a while so I thought I'd give a quick update.

  • JOSH: This past spring, Josh auditioned for two graduate schools. Northern Colorado and UCLA. He was accepted to Northern Colorado and put on a waiting list of UCLA. In the meantime, he began teaching vocal students and acting workshops this past year and he loves it.  He is also still performing.  After much thought and prayer, he has decided to stay put and continue teaching.  Its what he always had hoped to do.  He is entertaining the thought of starting a second vocal studio here in our area and doing part of the week there in Newton and part of the week here.  I would love that! 
  • JACOB: Finished up his first year at the local junior college.  He has also been working full-time @ night and taking vocal lessons. He will be working this summer for his former high school weight-lifting coach.  He's hoping to attend K-State this fall.
  • AMY: Lives locally and has a good job. She still aspires to bake professionally.
  • EMILY: Is counting down the final days of her sophomore year. She did outstanding this year, earning an academic letter for her grades and also a letter in music.
  • CLIFF & I: We are counting down the days until our vacation later next month.  We will be heading due south!!!

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