Friday, February 3, 2012

Two Succesful Pinterest Recipes

A couple weeks ago I threw a birthday party for Cliff's 50th birthday. His favorite dessert of all time is German Chocolate Cake.

Now I have made him German Chocolate cake before via Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines. But when the love of your life turns 50, I felt only a cake made from scratch would do.

The cake itself is a bit semi-homemade in the fact that you do start with a boxed cake mix but add in wonderful things like buttermilk and sour cream that made for one of the lightest chocolate cakes I've ever tasted. I chose to do mini-cupcakes for portion control (which kind of backfired because mini-cupcakes usually turn out to be little one-bite wonders!)

Anyways, I wasn't too worried about the cake or the chocolate buttercream icing. The coconut-pecan icing had me a bit concerned and when I made it, I allowed myself time to go by a can of it in case mine failed. It did not and it did not dissapoint. They were DELICIOUS!!!! To make them look festive and pretty, Emily hand-crafted all the little "50" picks. She cut the "50" using my mini diecutter and embossed every one. She did an excellent job on them. The birthday boy was very, very happy!! You can find the recipe here.

Since I was in a baking mood, I decided to try another recipe I had downloaded quite a while ago. It's called Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars.

These were insane!! Once again, the recipe starts with a boxed cake mix. The chocolate layer is Eagle Brand & semi-sweet chocolate chips. I really thought these would be extremely sweet. They were very decadent but not overly sweet. I'm guessing using semi-sweet chocolate chips cuts the sweetness a bit. They were absolutely divine!! And the recipe is here.

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