Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birthday Treats (of Fun in the Kitchen - part 1)

Emily and I has a friend who celebrated her 14th birthday a couple weeks ago. This friend also loves owls. Emily found a picture on pinterest for these cupcakes and of course we had to make them for her. Plain yellow cake cupcakes with chocolate frosting....Oreo cookies for the eyes (and as much as I wanted to get two eyes from each Oreo, it was impossible....one Oreo yielded only one eye) and M&M pupils and beak. They came out so cute!!!

Since I have been in a baking kind of a mood, I saw these little goodies on Pinterest also and decided to make them up for the adults in the Bible class on Wednesday nights. They are delicious little bites of chocolate pretzel. Cover a Snyder's pretzel snap with a Hershey Hug. Put in the oven @ 275 for 2-3 minutes and top with an M&M. Addictive little bites of deliciousness!!

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