Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Emily wanted to do something special for some of the older people in our church. She found a picture of an owl valentine on Pinterest. She took it way further and hand-punched and inked all these circles to give the owls dimension. They each had a Valentine pencil as a perch and a tag that said, "I'll Owlways Be Your Friend." We attached these owls (15 of them) to cellophane bags of heart-shaped sugar cookies.

I also made some treats for the team of people I have the pleasure of working with each and every Sunday morning. One of them was this popcorn mix called, "Monster Munch." I turned it into a Valentines theme by using pink candy corn and M&M's. You also stir in peanuts, popcorn, and coat it all with white chocolate. YUM!!!!!

This was a treat for my husband. His favorite peanut butter cookies dipped in leftover chocolate.

Tried and True sugar cookies for Emily's Valentines. NOT a Pinterest recipe but one we have made for years. I can't even begin to think how many thousands of these cookies I have made & frosted. I did discover a new baking tip quite by accident. For the absolutely best baked goods, open up a new can of baking powder. Makes the cookies light and fresh and melt in your mouth!!

I packaged these with the popcorn for my team. Another tried and true recipe. Peanut Butter Balls (Valentine Edition). These are just simply the best PB Balls EVER!!

This year I tried to "spread the love" (that sounds funny!!) I gave a package of cookies to our host at dinner on Sunday as well as our waitress. And today gave a package of PB Balls to the gentleman who owns one of our local restaurants. These little bits of kindness really do make people happy and its such a small thing to do. Emily loves to do this and I'm supporting her endeavors 150%. Thinking of others. What a way to live your life and what an incredible habit to develop and learn while you're still young!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love your goodies,,everyone was soooo good. What a way to spread love....good work Rebecca & Emily
Love, Mom