Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 - Reflection

When we celebrated the New Year last January, I was full of goals, hopes and optimism for the New Year as I usually am at this time of year.
It didn't take long before we faced some uncertainty in our home. Cliff found out on January 29 that he lost his job. Being unemployed on the heels of several layoffs made our days extremely uncertain through the early winter months of 2010. One thing that continued with certainty, though, was God's continued provision and care. Through several different means, God provided for our needs again and again And as Spring approached, so did a new job opportunity. The loss of the job was a blessing in disguise as Cliff's current job is far, far every way. Amy began work in the billing dept. a few months later. It was a blessing for her too as she was now able to afford to move into her own place.
It was our pleasure to be surrounded by all our kids this summer as Josh chose to spend his summer break with us. We were so glad to have him home for an extended period of time and thankful for all the hard work he put into the yard and painting the house. Emily was his constant side-kick and assistant. There is still a bit of trim work that has to be done but that can wait until Spring.
Fall saw three of the kids return to school. Emily started High School as a freshman. Jacob is a senior and Josh is a 5-year college senior. We also had the pleasure of watching the two boys perform in musicals in their respective schools. Cliff & I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary this past November.
December brought Josh's senior recital. The memories still take my breath away. It was quite the surreal experience. Christmas was good. It's always good to have all my kids together.
And, here I sit, looking forward to a new year...with all new goals, hopes, and optimism. And I know that whatever this new year holds, I know Who holds it and I know Who holds me!

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