Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Comfort One Another (Especially those who can easily be forgotten)

Ever since I was a child, I've always seemed to have a hard time adjusting to things that mark the passing of time. As I've gotten older, I seem, for the most part, to have an easier time dealing with it.
Yesterday, however, was a tough one. For the past almost 14 years we've been here in KS, there has been a sweet, sweet older couple in our church. This past year, they lost both a son and son-in-law to cancer. Just a few weeks after the death of their son-in-law, this older lady had a major stroke. Because her left side is paralyzed, she's had to be placed in a nursing home.
I went to see her yesterday. Next to saying goodbye to my grandpa in the hospital, this was one of the hardest visits I've ever made. I found her laying in her bed sobbing. All I could think to do was hold her, stroke her hair, wipe her tears and tell her that we love her. Thankfully she fell asleep and I left....and went to the car and cried. This is not the woman I knew. In just a short, short period of time, this self-sufficient, proud woman lies in a bed sobbing tears of hopelessness.
I said all that to say this. As hard as it is, we can't forget these people. In fact, she needs our love and caring more than she ever did. Ever since yesterday, I've been asking God to comfort her in that part of her soul that feels hopeless...to reach down and wrap her in His arms and give her peace. I'm going back at the end of the week and I'm bringing things to comfort her soul. Music CDs and God's Word and prayers.
One day that will be my parents. One day that will be me.


Paul Sr. said...

Great post! Don't forget her - she matters. Just be there & do it consistently. The Church has got to leave the building & become a living thing again.
What you're doing is just that. Way to walk out God inspired obedience.
Keep it up!

Kay said...

I'm at the front desk/switchboard at work, and I keep crying. How sweet of you to "love" Mary Ann. I just wonder what all she is aware of... NO EARTHLY PERSON CAN TAKE THE PLACE OF A "MOM". Bathe yours with as much love as humanly possible while you have her. Ky