Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just In Case You're Wondering...

Cliff lost his job on January 29. And since that time, it seems as if nothing in my life has been without complications. Sometimes the complications seem so big that I realize I'm focusing on them and not all the good stuff that is happening.
During this time, our friends have been incredible. Gift cards have mysteriously shown up and I know prayers have been made on our behalf. We came through February with all our bills paid and the only income we had was mine.
FINALLY, the unemployment got straightened out and came. He was backpaid for all but one week he's been out of work and it came just days before we needed to make our mortgage payment. Coincidence? I know its been God....supplying all our needs just like He promised He would.
Cliff also finally got his fingerprint clearance and went and took his haz-mat and doubles/triples tests for his license. He passed with flying colors. He went right from there to apply for a job he's been very interested in. The HR guy helped him fill out the application and they called him this morning to come take a driving test tomorrow morning.
If the job works out, I'm happy because he's happy. If it doesn't work out, we know its because God has another position for Cliff that is perfect for him.
It's been a long, hard, uncertain 5 weeks. But its also been a good 5 weeks. And I'm so thankful!!

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Gretchen said...

Rebecca -- thanks for sharing how God has provided for your family. It is amazing how He grows our faith through difficulty, isn't it! Many blessings on you all -- I hope he really enjoys it. I know I am loving my new job part time. Sometimes it seems too good to be true! PRAISE the Lord for his Providence!