Thursday, March 18, 2010


Bright and early Monday morning, Cliff skipped (ok not literally but I do think he was skipping in his mind) off to his new job. Watching him get everything ready Sunday night was like watching my kids when they were little, getting ready for their first day of school.

He now works for a large, national trucking company...which seems to be very employee driven. Now I know you are told this before starting any job and we also know that no job is perfect. Sometimes, though, you know these things from the start by the way they treat you and the way they operate. Things are done with respect, systems, and order.

Cliff will be training for two weeks. Monday he watched videos about the company, proceedures, etc. Tuesday, he worked the dock. Yesterday he went on a haul to St. Louis. Tonight he will head to Des Moines. Next week he will train for city driving.

For 6 months up to a year, he will be what you would consider swing shift. He'll work whenever or wherever he is needed. Everyone at this company has done this. After that, he'll be able to bid for a position with regular hours. For us, this temporary situation is a small price to pay after seeing all the benefits.

He's happy. He loves driving. He's glad to be working again and I'm glad for him.

We don't forget for one minute the supplier of this job. We know it is God. It's a new chapter for us. It's more money than he's ever made...and after trying to survive layoffs and very minimal pay, we feel as though we have been given a new lease on life.
I wrote this post last May. This is where it all really started...lessons in faith! And learning to trust and obey God through tough, dark days.

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