Sunday, October 18, 2009

Racing with My Brother

Did I ever tell you that I'm a SERIOUS NASCAR fan? Yep, I LOVE those races...ALL of them. I watch the trucks, Nationwide Series, and of course, the Big guys in Sprint Cup. Several years ago, the Kansas Speedway was built just a couple miles from us. The last time I went was 2 years ago, on Friday when they have some practices and qualifying. It was alot of fun but it was in mid-September and HOT. I think I got the worst sunburn of my life because it never dawned on me to get some sunscreen.
This year, however, NASCAR changed their schedule and the race was the first weekend of October. Beautiful fall weather and nice low temps!!
My brother called sometime this past summer and wondered if we wanted to go to a race when he came to town. Now, I have to stop here and say that as much as people are surprised to find out that I love NASCAR racing, I am more surprised that my brother is a fan. This is something I'd never, in a million years think we'd have in common!!! Needless to say, I ordered two tickets for Cliff and I. I felt bad about the kids but after all the lay-offs this year, I just couldn't afford them.
The day before the race, a friend of Cliff's offered us two additional tickets for FREE. Oh yeah!! I can always afford FREE!! So the kids got to go too!!
I just love the rumble of those engines and the smell of the fuel in the air. Amazing!! Below is just a sampling of the day. In spite of Jon's migraine and me not being able to find my car, a great time was had by all! Driver Introductions

Sea of Humanity

Getting Ready to Race...Kyle Bush...NOT a fan of this guy!!

Cliff and Emily

One of my favorite sights...the pit crews lined up for the National Anthem and Prayer

Jon, Dad, Jacob & Emily (Notice dad's green ear plugs?) It was LOUD!!

Carl Edward's pit stop

Last caution...Logano took the lead from Kyle Bush on this restart

Logano doing burnouts

Victory Lane

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