Friday, October 23, 2009

In the DVD series of "Sarah Plain and Tall," Sarah refers to her Aunts, who live in Cape Cod, as "The Treasures." That's exactly how I would refer to my grandmothers...Treasures.
I have been asked to talk about "Journaling" at our up-coming women's retreat. I have journaled since I was in the 5th grade....34 years. I knew my Grandma Adrian had kept a journal towards the end of her life. We had gone to see her about 2 weeks before she died and I remembered seeing my Grandpa continuing the journal because the cancer had gotten so bad. I asked my aunt the other day if I could read them. I did not know there were 12!! I started reading on Tuesday evening and haven't been able to put them down since. The earliest journal starts in 1939!! The story of her life on the farm in South Dakota...she wasn't even married yet.
I'm especially enjoying reading about her life here in Kansas. Since I live a mile from where they lived, I know all the places and alot of the people she writes about. I can see it all so vividly in my mind. Its been an incredible week. I feel as though I've been able to go back and spend some time with her. It's been amazing because I have missed her so much since her passing in 1985. I was just 2 months pregnant with Joshua at the time and she even wrote about how they would become great-grandparents....she didn't live to see the baby.
I hope one day my children and grandchildren will sit and treasure my journals as I have hers.
Grandma's Journals
The earliest one...1939-1944.

December 7, 1941..."Japan declares war on the U.S. this afternoon" (Pearl Harbor)

November 24, 2984....Mine & Cliff's wedding day....Grandma documented the entire weekend.


Elizabeth said...

I want to read them!!

Rebecca said...

You have to come :-)

Anonymous said...

That is probably the most precious thing I have seen or heard of! Dealing with the reality that you won't see a loved one this side of eternity is so sad, but to revisit those memories through THEIR eyes is sweet. I am teary. :*)