Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Extra Income and Fun

A couple years ago, Cliff started officiating football games at our local sports association to supplement our income. Last year he also took over most of the maintenance for the three fields. He and Jacob mow the yard lines, paint them, place out all the field markers and anything else that needs to be done so the fields are ready to go for the early Saturday morning games.
Usually Cliff will like to go and get started before Jacob gets out of school on Fridays...so guess who gets to be his lovely assistant?? ME. I have informed him, however, that I am NOT the "gopher!"
I have to say that it isn't a bad deal. I kind of like being down there in the open fields in the beautiful fall weather we are having. One day, I decided to bring the camera along. The day was pristine Autumn weather!! (The next week it was cold and rainy and it wasn't fun anymore!)
I've also spent alot of time with my crazy son, Jacob, working on one task or another. It's been good.

You seriously didn't think we walked all over did you?? Can I tell you how fun this thing is to drive??

The 10-yard line across all 3 fields

Soy beans...ready for harvest.

Looking across two fields.

Down the 50-yard line. (And a little fun with photo editing)

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