Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Doggie Doos

This is my little dog, Jack. If I don't have him groomed, he will eventually look like a marshmallow with a head and legs! Obviously I can't afford to get him groomed every 3 months, so I've had to learn to do it myself. He does very well. He'll lay down and let me go to town with the clippers. Yesterday was bath & haircut day for him. He turned out really cute!!
Since I'm taking care of my mom's dog, Gabby (who is a sister to Jack) this week while they are out of town, I volunteered to give her a hair cut also. I'm spoiled by Jack. Gabby did lie down and let me cut her back & head but she would NOT lie on her side and NO WAY would she lie on her back. It took Emily & I to cut her chest & belly. I did the best I could on her legs. (I didn't want to traumatize her!!) She turned out really cute!!!

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The Horns said...

Hey, you do a really good job. I should let you do my 2 dogs. I pay $20 each. I'd rather give you the $20