Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who Called Them the Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer?????

June passed so quickly! One week mom & I were preparing for a garage sale.
Yep, all the junk is gone!! And, to cap it all off, mom and I did no garage sale shopping. Nope, we stuck to our de-junking ways and got rid of STUFF!!!!!
June 13, Cliff's mom flew from Atlanta for a 3-week visit. To say my husband was excited about his mom coming is to put it mildly. We will be married 25 years this year and in all that time, she has only come to visit once and that was when Josh graduated.
We had planned to try to take her up to visit Josh at Bethel where he is working over the summer. Since school let out for the summer, he's been hard at work on a musical for a large conference that took place in Cleveland. The timing was perfect for us to take her up and see him in this musical.
The musical was "The Upside Down King", and is basically a walk with Christ's followers through the New Testament as they examine his claims that sometimes are so opposite of our human ways of thinking. It was so good and such a treat!! The cast was well-rehearsed and seemed to have so much fun presenting it. I was excited for Joshua because the audience at this conference was between 6000-8000 people. To have to opportunity to perform in that kind of a venue sometimes only comes around once in a lifetime.
The following are some scenes from the musical:
I know I'm biased but this is my very talented, very handsome son!!
Amy couldn't go but still got a picture with Jacob & Emily and cousins, Anna & Ellie who spent a couple weeks with grandma & grandpa.
Josh & his two very proud grandmas. My mom in the yellow, Cliff's mom in black.

I have more pictures and will spread them out over several posts.

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