Friday, July 31, 2009

Taking Down A Tree

Last Summer, Cliff got a little carried away with the weed-whacker & the clippers. One of the victims of this craziness was a little shrub-like tree in the corner of our yard. When he was done, we basically had a small trunk with a few leaves on it. The poor thing never was an attractive tree but after it's "severe pruning," it was hidious. Both Emily & I wanted him to take it fully out but he never quite got back to it. Wouldn't you know it, that tree started to grow again. This time it got quite a bit bigger but because it had no branches on its trunk, it was shaped like a very tall, very ugly umbrella.

Last Friday, the kids & I went out to do some yard work...Jake mowing & Emily & I trimming. I went in to get a drink I the camera. I came back out & couldn't find Emily....that is until I saw that ugly tree shaking. Upon closer inspection, this is what I saw:

That girl went into the garage & got a small saw & was taking down that tree!!
Oh how she reminded me of her grandma!!

The tree didn't stand a chance!! I really had to admire her determination. She sawed & wrestled away at it. She eventually came to the point where she needed some assistance. I sent her brother in (I was too busy photographing this scene). And after a little more wrestling, the ugly tree stand no more in the corner of my yard...and it looks GREAT over there now!!

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