Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Time

When I was pregnant with Amy, back in 1987, I became HOOKED on diet colas. Pepsi, Coke, Sam's Choice...didn't matter, I like them all (except Diet Rite). I don't like regular colas or fruity drinks. I can tolerate iced tea if I have to. I can drink an occasional lemonade or orange juice. No hot beverages...tea, coffee or cocoa. So what I've done, over the years, is pretty much got my body used to drinking only diet sodas.
Now I've known for years how this is not good at all for me but I really haven't cared. But something clicked inside my head a week ago that its now time to break the addiction and get off of all the soda. I'm trying to be realistic too because I DO NOT like water in a restaurant. I can't explain it but it has a horrible taste so I've decided to limit myself to two per day. Since I don't like most other drinks, I'm pretty much sticking with water. I confess, I'm buying bottled water right now while I make the transition and am hoping to eventually get some sort of water filtration thing.
So, after a week and a half, I'm proud to say I'm doing it!!!!! And, I'm only have one per day instead of two. I'm also finding out that higher quantities of water is helping me get off the soda. It's not agreeing with me like it once did. I don't crave it! I'm hoping to eventually get off it all together!!

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The Horns said...

Congrats. Maybe I need to do that challenge with you. My vice is Diet Code Red.....I really do think it is addictive.