Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend & Updates

We had a great weekend around here. Cliff works Monday through Thursday so during the summer, Friday is like a bonus weekend day. The weather has been gorgeous lately...moderate temps and low humidity...almost unheard of for late July. We got alot of yard work done and the kids really pitched in and helped. We played our favorite game, Settlers of Catan, several times and just enjoyed spending some time with the kids.
Sunday morning was spent at church as always. It was such a great service and dad has been bringing some awesome messages based on the Lord's Prayer.
Sunday evening we had my parents over for dinner to celebrate their anniversary. We had a classic summer meal. Cliff smoked ribs & grilled chicken. We also had corn-on-the-cob, baked potatoes, sliced tomato, beets, and some awesome rolls!! Rhodes, to be exact. They come as frozen balls of dough that you let rise in muffin tins for several hours before baking. First of all I couldn't believe they actually rose as beautifully as they did and no one could believe they tasted as good as they did. Out of the 30 rolls I baked, there were NONE left!!!! We capped the great meal off with a great summer dessert, Chocolate Eclair, made with vanilla pudding, graham crackers, cool whip & chocolate frosting. It's great for summer and after a large meal because its nice and light. (and also so simple to make!)
Quick updates: Cliff's diabetes seems to be well under control. No more issues or problems. Blood sugar levels are nice and low and eyesight back to normal.
I noticed two weeks ago that I seemed to be hearing out of my left ear. (My right ear had cleared up by the early part of June) Sure enough, my hearing has finally returned to normal. It was a long haul (6 months!!) We are both so thankful for all the prayers that went up on our behalf.

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Paul Sr. said...

Keep making desserts like that & Cliff's diabetes will be back with a vengance!
Can you mail me some of that? Sounds delicious!