Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday Boys

Between Christmas and the first week of January, we have 3 birthdays in our house...all the boys!!

*Cliff turned 46. He's always looked older than he is and has gotten automatic "senior" discounts for years!

*Joshua, the oldest turned 23. He's got a big semester of school ahead of him. Several concerts and trips. One of his highlights will be performing the lead in his school's musical, "Light in the Piazza."

*As mentioned in my previous post, our youngest son turned 16. I always have thought of Jacob & Emily as "the little kids" so to think that they are both teenagers is a bit mind boggling!!

Happy Birthday to the Boys!!


Elizabeth said...

Is Cliff turning into Santa Claus? My little boys will be very impressed! Haven't seen you "around" lately- glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Notice the picture behind Jacob, Amy & Paul John with blue tongues. One of my favorite pictures of them. LOL

Elizabeth said...

I noticed that too and one my favorites too. How did they grow up so fast?? It was taken at Paul's 3rd birthday.

Paul Sr. said...

Those are some handsome Powell Men! I like Cliff's white least he HAS hair. Ours just falls out before it can get a chance to turn gray.
Happy Birthday Guys!