Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Comforting Treat

When it comes to our children, parents find such joy and delight in simple things. A fistful of freshly picked dandelions, a smile, excitement on Christmas morning, or a simple, "I love you, mommy."

As my children are growing and moving out and forward with their lives, I still find much to delight in...such as phone calls, opportunities to spend time with them, hugs, and help carrying in grocery bags.

It was such a joy to have all four of my kids home over the Christmas holidays. To sit down and enjoy a meal together is a wonderfully rare treat these days. I tried to spend as much time as possible over the two weeks we had to enjoy the presence of one another. It worked most of the time, I mean, occasionally someone would get on someone else's nerves but for the most part, we had a wonderful holiday.

Josh came home with a cold and cough and didn't feel up to singing in our church. Ok. I LOVE to hear my kids sing and hearing him has become something special since I don't get it on a daily basis anymore. On his last Sunday at home, he felt well enough to sing. He chose a wonderful, uplifting, encouraging song.
"He's Been Faithful." I always try not to embarrass my kids but I did record this particular song. I will try to post it eventually. I believe the file is rather large :-)


nannykim said...

Oh--send me a note when you post it!

Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better. Love, Mom