Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Baby Boy's New Hobby

I can hardly believe that my youngest son is 16!! Where has the time gone??
This past year in school, Jacob has taken an interest in fitness and weight training. It's been really good for him as it has caused him to think about what he eats and how to take care of his body. He is built like his dad....strong and broad. He is a big, strong boy and working with weights has made him all the more stronger! I've been hard at work teaching him that with power and strength comes responsibility.

He went to his 2nd power lifting meet last weekend. I was so hoping he'd do well. Being the 3rd child and having to follow in the footsteps of very out-going, performing siblings has been a bit of a challenge for Jake. He battles a bit with self-esteem. I just wanted him to do his best. He did. He stayed steady through the entire meet. His dad went with him. I didn't go but thanks to a very good friend, I have some pictures.

*Waiting to receive the First Overall medal in his weight class.

*Receiving a Second Place medal for an event
*Various lifting events

Yep, that's my big baby boy and is mom is proud of him...medals or not!!!

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nannykim said...

I love how each kid finds their special nich (hmm or is it niche--whatever--my nitch is not spelling--there--I tried it 3 ways and I think the last looks like it might be right???!!)