Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Song For His Mother

About 6 years ago, I came across a CD by a group called, "IL Divo." It is a group of 4-5 Italian young men with classical voices. The 2nd song or so on the CD was a song called, "Nella Fantasia." I LOVE this song. It is so lyrical and the melody is so beautiful. I also love the classical male tenor voice singing it and I knew this was a song I wanted to hear Josh sing. I know I told him at the time and several times more over the years but knowing that this is his last year in this school and not knowing where he'll end up next, I'd all but given up hope of ever hearing him sing this song...until Friday night when I looked at the program....and to my surprise saw that it was the final song.

Now I need to stop here and say that I'm glad he waited all these years to sing it. It would have been good before but he has fine-tuned his voice. He's learned breath and control and Friday night he sang as good as I've ever heard him sing.

He asked two of his friends to sing along with him as well as his friend, Jordan who accompanied him the entire evening. Jordan is only 19 and I was so impressed with his piano skills. He had some tough pieces to play. Also playing were a friend on the cello and clarinet.

I'm so glad I recorded this one. I've listened to it several times already. You'll see him turn directly to the camera and smile right before he sings. The smile said, "This one's for you, mom." Once again, I'm getting teary thinking about it. I smiled back at him and mine said, "I know!! and I love you!"


Anonymous said...

I loved it again, this time I saw the Joshua smile I have seen since he was a little boy. Love it
Mom and Grandma

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, that smile brought tears to my eyes so I can imagine what it did to you! He did wonderful. Paul and I both sat here in amazement. He has really been given a gift and it is evident how hard he has worked to fine tune it. Can't wait to see what God does with him in the future.